20 Smart Insights on Leadership & Courage From #LeadershipChat

One of the most difficult rescue efforts ever made in Cape Town

By Lisa Petrilli

I continue to be moved my the number of inspiring and genuinely insightful thoughts being shared at #LeadershipChat each week, even though the chat is still in its infancy.  Even more striking is the fact that one of the wishes that Steve Woodruff and I went into this with – for a real community to form – is coming true in dramatic fashion.

Last night’s conversation focused on courage in leadership.  There was such a rich discussion that I thought I would share just a few of the brilliant insights (and some disagreements) that resonated with me and challenged me to think bigger – and differently.  There are even a few quotes from Star Wars thrown in! 

I hope you’ll find these insights from just 20 of the more than 120 smart leaders who joined the discussion as thought provoking as I did…

MargieClayman: Sometimes the greatest show of courage is letting someone else run with the ball

abalog: The hardest decision is to take the business where it hasn’t gone b4 and there r limited believers standing w u

livepath: Sometimes takes courage to let people fail, too. Even people you love.

fredmcclimans: My first “real” start-up: passed up quick sale to grow the staff and preserve their jobs.

CASUDI: Courage is attribute given a leader by those watching ~ a leader never thinks courage IMO ~just does it/leads

iannarino: It takes courage to know that leadership is an act of love–despite the pressures to perform and to act otherwise.

danielespejo: I think strong leaders fosters courage amongst their followers

mckra1g: A lost deal is worth the retention of integrity. “Cost” is a relative term

fredmcclimans: Love = Respect = Honor. If you respect those who follow you, you will make the right choice.

COSCFO: Courage is best exemplified by open, honest and direct communication. People respect it and become loyal.

danperezfilms: Courage doesn’t have to have anything to do with communication. The courageous often stand alone…

swoodruff: When leaders cannot admit their own failures (which takes courage), it makes everyone else timid about risk.

ldiomede: The more u love, the greater the passion and ability to risk all for what is right = Courage.

bobbyrettew: One of the most courageous ways to lead is to teach…find ways to empower our tomorrow. IMHO

KnowledgeBishop: The courageous leader is willing to kindly speak hard truths, even if they result in short-term disapproval.

MackCollier: GREAT point about admitting mistakes, plus I think if YOU do, others will be more forgiving.

livepath: Courage is: clear, focused, decisive, direct, action-driven, gut busting

onepinktee: admitting uncertainty, saying “I don’t know”, being self-revealing, owning mistakes (feels…liberating)

And to round out the list with some brilliantly relevant Star Wars insights…

judymartin8: Do or do not… there is no try.? Yoda

JoeCascio: I love that line. Followed by, Luke: “I don’t believe it.” Yoda: “That is why you fail.”

Please join Steve and I next Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern Time for our next edition of #LeadershipChat. We’ll be taking on the topic of vulnerability in leadership – which promises to be another meaty, smart and lively discussion!

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and insights with me here.  I value your comments and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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Photo is by thomas_sly.


  1. JoeCascio says:

    I can’t believe I got the last word in your replay, even if it was quoting Yoda. :) This is a very nice curation of the chat last night. I think you really picked out some good tweets to represent it.

  2. Last night was my first #LeadershipChat experience and I felt right at home right away. My input was valued and a true exchange of ideas was present among many voices.

    I also met some really SMRT folks. Excellent way to spend an hour. My thanks to you and @swoodruff for establishing the forum.
    @mckra1g´s last blog post ..mckra1g- Heading out for a quick 3 mi around the neighborhood! Be well- everyone – ♫ http-blipfm-y64xl

    • So honored to have you there Molly and thrilled that you felt valued. Of course, it’s not a surprise given the depth of your experiences and insights and how honest you are in sharing them!

      I know I speak for Steve in saying we hope to see you again – as often as you’re able to join us!

  3. Awesome #leadershipchat (my first of many)

    Thanks to you and Steve for hosting, and for pulling out these jewels. There are so many great contributions by such super-smart people that it’s like taking a sip of water from a fire hose.

    • You’re welcome – we are so happy to have you as part of our blossoming community! And yes, it’s incredibly difficult to pull just a few nuggets out of the transcript.

      Hope we’ll see you again next week, Anthony!

  4. Liz Brenner says:

    Great insights from great leaders- thanks for summarizing and sharing, Lisa!

  5. Lisa Diomede says:

    Flattered to be included in your recap Lisa. I’m always energized after #LeadershipChat. You and Steve are definitely onto something that hits a nerve. Thank you for giving us all this outlet and opportunity to learn and grow together.

  6. “Do or do not. There is no try.” << My favorite quote from Yoda!

    Plans and goals are nothing without execution!

  7. Alex N Abraham says:

    Hi friends Courageos stand alone Good article respect & honor go side by side

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