4 Striking Insights about Passion in Leadership from #LeadershipChat

Last evening’s #LeadershipChat was, without a doubt, one of our most active chats to date, with insights and brilliant thoughts about the importance – and impact – of passion in leadership flying fast and furious.

As I said in one of my tweets last evening, I absolutely adore the #LeadershipChat community that has formed and that continues to grow with smart, experienced leaders from whom I learn so much each and every Tuesday night.

I wish that I had time to really delve deeply into all the ideas that had my brain synapses firing last evening, but I wanted to be sure to share with you four that particularly resonated with me solely because of where I’m at in my own leadership journey:

DavidHolzmer David Holzmer: Enthusiasm=emotional experience; Passion = drive that transcends emotion. #leadershipchat

iannarino S. Anthony Iannarino: Passion equals meaning. Meaning equals engagement. Engagement equals jaw-dropping, breath-taking work! #leadershipchat

ckburgess Cheryl Burgess: Leaders are “people who leave their footprints in their areas of passion.” Author Unknown  #LeadershipChat

wilsonellis Debra Ellis: People naturally mirror others – Leaders w/ passion, enthusiasm, & vision inspire everyone around them. #leadershipchat

Important take-aways for me as I absorb the depth of these comments:

  • Do I really have clarity regarding my own, personal areas of passion?
  • Is the drive there for the long-haul? If not, is it more of a short-term dalliance rather than a deep, enduring passion I’m feeling for my vision?
  • Is my own work breath-taking, and am I making sure that those whom I lead have the opportunity to do work that is breath-taking to them?
  • Am I leaving footprints? In the right way and places?
  • And am I exhibiting behavior that I would be proud and honored to have others mirror?


For me, these questions are enormously important.

You can dive into all the great comments at your leisure thanks to Fred McClimans who was generous enough to create a transcript of last night’s #LeadershipChat while “What the Hashtag” is down.

And you are all cordially invited to join Steve Woodruff and me EVERY Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern Time for a rousing, light bulb-igniting edition of #LeadershipChat!  I hope – very much – to see you there next week!

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  1. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for including my tweet/quote into your blog today and for the wonderful opportunity to join you last night at #LeadershipChat. There were so many insightful contributions to the chat and it was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful new people.

    To be successful leader, you must have both a passion for improving your organization and the capability to drive your efforts through to completion. First and foremost, you need a burning drive and vision to make things better. Making changes is a grueling process, and only passion will see you through it.

    Contributors to the chat last night spoke a lot on both passion and capability for a great leader. The best take-away is how passion fuels change.

    Thank You!

    Cheryl Burgess´s last blog post ..3 Vital Communication Questions Your Company Must Answer – Now!

    • Cheryl,

      It is always an honor and a pleasure to have you join us in #LeadershipChat – thank you so much for being there this week and sharing your smart insights. I love how you brought up the word, “grueling.” What a great visual I get with that and you’re so right – only passion can see you through it! Hope you and Mark are having a splendid holiday season – all my very best!

  2. Lisa:

    Thanks so much for your generosity and time in hosting #leadershipchat every Tuesday. Even though I only learned of the chat last week, its already something i look forward to each week.

    Great stuff. Lookingo forward to seeing what unfolds as next week’s topic!


    Sean McGinnis
    Sean McGinnis´s last blog post ..Get Your Team Up To Speed With This Tool!

    • Sean,

      So glad you found us and it was such a pleasure to meet you on Wednesday evening at the Cocktails4Causes event! Next week’s topic is going to focus on when the organization and culture stiffles leadership ideas and initiative…should be a fascinating chat! All the very best for the holiday season…

  3. Lisa,

    Thank you for including my tweet in your insights. You have a wonderful community. It’s fun and educational to participate in #leadershipchat. I’m looking forward to doing it again.

    Debra Ellis´s last blog post ..5 Almost Free Ways to Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

    • You’re very welcome, Debra – thank you for sharing your insights with us Tuesday evening! I look forward to having you join us again soon. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season – all the very best to you… :)


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