The Most Important Business Lesson I Have Learned

Important Business Lesson Be OpenThis post originally appeared on Debra Ellis’s Multi-Channel Magic Blog.  I wanted to share it with this tremendous Visionary Leadership Community…


I was honored when Debra Ellis asked me to write a guest post about the most important business lesson I’ve learned. It’s a lesson I try to live each and every day and to share with others whenever possible.

That lesson is to simply and completely allow yourself to be open.

  • Be open to new possibilities that may come in the least expected ways.
  • Be open to networking with people whom you think you have nothing in common with; you may be surprised!
  • Be open to the power of asking others for help.  I learned this when I took the daunting step of asking the universe for a kidney…and a woman I had never met before came forward and offered hers benevolently.
  • Be open to following new paths, and yet holding fast to your vision.

The secret to being fully open is to give, because in giving from within yourself you allow space to open up; space that can be filled with new opportunities, new paths and more fruitful relationships in business and life.

How can you give more fully in business?

1. Networking is about giving without expecting anything in return.  When you reach out to others and offer your help, or when others come to you for help and you respond graciously, you start a cycle in the universe that will lead to opportunities coming your way.

2. Let go of what is holding you back.  Give it away; the fear of lack or of making critical mistakes, the lack of confidence that sometimes creeps in, and the clients that drain you rather than leaving you feeling fulfilled. Give it all away and let it open up room within you to receive abundance.

3. Make the ask.  Did you know that asking is a form of a gift? When we ask others to help us in some way, we create an opportunity for them to give, and sometimes that is just what they’ve been waiting for.

When I told my church community that I was in need of a kidney after having already gone through the emotionally wrenching experience of having ten people offer me their kidneys only to be turned down for medical reasons, my soon-to-be life-saving angel named Rose called me.  She told me that she had been on the bone marrow donor list for years and had never received a call.  She had always wanted to give, and when she read the letter I’d written to the church community she knew in her heart that this was how she was truly meant to give.

When she made the decision to give me her kidney, and was ultimately given the green light from a health perspective, her life blossomed in new ways.  The night before we met for the first time she met a man that would become her husband, a man who thought what she was doing was truly beautiful.  Relationships with other people in her life blossomed because they, too, saw the beauty in her gift, and she received fulfillment in unexpected ways.

All because I asked, and because she knew she was meant to give.

I had the honor and privilege of being at her wedding, both of us in brilliantly perfect health, watching her take an exciting new step on her life’s true path.  I cried tears of joy and felt a sense of “knowing” within me… When we open ourselves up to life, we sometimes receive in the most unexpected yet expansive ways.

Be open…and watch what happens!


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  1. Henry Motyka says:

    I share your views fully. I have been unemployed for quite some time and was defensive. I began to network and my whole world changed. Now, many consider me a networking expert. My secret? Giving to others first.

    I let go. I hired a great career coach and placed myself in her hands. Now, Instead of facing bleak prospects, I feel I have a great chance of getting a job soon.

    I went back to church. Now I feel motivated and mentally stronger. I actually go to Mass every morning. I have met many people this way and was introduced to Wednesday night basketball at he parish where I not only have met some great people but have a great time.

    I joined a job support group. Now, I feel fulfilled because I helped others as well as having the chance to help myself.

    Now, I have a tremendously interesting life. As a result of letting go and giving first, things are so much better. Every day seems to bring a new opportunity. And this from someone out of work.

  2. Hi Lisa :)
    I arrived at your blog through a Twitter link. Wow! What a great story! I am a Cancer survivor (5 years yesterday)and I experienced the prospect of asking others for help. Being a strong, independent, businesswoman, it was hard to ask for help. However, friends really came through. People sat with me through Chemo and Radiation and the whole 9 yards. It was humbling and I was filled with gratitude!
    Thanks for your story!

    • Lisa,

      Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary! I hope you celebrated in a deeply life-affirming way. Thank you for sharing your story here, it means so much to me! Wishing you great joy and light in your life!

  3. Thank you Lisa, this is a beautiful post and as always coming at just the right time.

  4. Read this post. Print this post. Load this post into smartphone. Refer to said post when butt needs a stiff kick. Thank-you, Lisa. :-)

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