What Leadership Chat Has Meant to Me

Steve Woodruff and I launched Leadership Chat on Twitter a year ago this week, on Tuesday the 12th of October.  Thinking back as we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into but we believed in the Leadership Chat vision, partly described as:

Leadership Chat is a place where leaders from around the world gather via Twitter every Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern Time to share their insights, experiences and advice on all things leadership.

The Leadership Chat Community is rich and vibrant and full of smart, experienced leaders who are willing to share what they know to advance the practice of leadership worldwide.  And yet, it’s a casual experience envisioned to be akin to pulling up a chair at a large dining table in the hills of Tuscany at sunset, a glass of wine or beverage of choice in hand, and the warm company of friends.

For me, it has become all of this and more.  I look forward to gathering with the leaders who now make up the ever-expanding Leadership Chat Community each week, and I know that many of the friendships I have today are a direct result of the chat.

A few members of the Community who have been with us since the beginning, and who were all attending SOBCon last Spring, gathered to talk about a much larger vision, one of driving a resurgence of leadership in a grass-roots kind of way; with each of us finding our own path from which to lead.

I think that’s why one of my favorite chats over the last year was the one in May when we focused on the topic, “How to know you’re on the right path as a leader.”  The “prep-post” I wrote was entitled, “Whose Path are You On?” in which I shared my experience getting into the soul-baring business we refer to as “blogging.” I talked about how three dear friends of mine forced me to a fork in the road where I had to choose a path.

I chose the path with my name on it.

It was because I chose that path that Leadership Chat came into my life.  I would choose this path again in a heartbeat.  As a matter of fact, I wake up and choose this path every single day.

I hope that in some way Leadership Chat has helped other leaders find their true path in leadership, or perhaps commit to it more fervently than they ever had before.  I hope it has helped leaders solve problems and think of new ways to address leadership challenges.  And I hope it has helped leaders expand their minds and think bigger about what it means to be a leader today.

Leadership Chat has brought a great amount of joy and a bounty of love into my life.  What has it meant to you?

Please share in the comments or write a post about it and we’ll highlight it at LeadershipChat.net!

A special, virtual toast to my partner-in-crime, Steve Woodruff: I couldn’t have asked for, or been blessed with, a better “other half.” So thrilled you are traveling down this path with me, sharing your light and wisdom!

And to every single member of the Leadership Chat Community, whether you have participated in one chat with us or every single one of them – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and insights.  I am a better leader because of you!


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  1. A year? Already? I can’t believe it.

    Too many lessons to share here. Too many great conversations to recount them all. Too many new friends to name them. Too many conversations started here that were taken offline.

    Congratulations to two of my dearest friends, and thank you so much for your leadership.

    Looking forward to Year Two!

    S. Anthony Iannarino´s last blog post ..A Longer Course in Stakeholder Analysis

    • I can’t believe it either… :) Thank you for your support, insights and advice over the past year, and for being a very special part of the LC Community! Your friendship means the world to me. Cheers, my friend!

  2. I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better as a direct result of participating in #leadershipchat.

    You and Steve have created a safe space for leaders along the spectrum to network, learn from and support each other as we all attempt to make our respective worlds a better place.

    That’s no accident. You guys are The Real Deal. You can’t fake sincerity and there is power is authenticity.

    Thank you so much for taking that leap of faith.

    My best and with much love, M.
    mckra1g´s last blog post ..mckra1g: . @JennaEWelsh when I think of approaching deadlines, this comes to mind: Why I miss Calvin & Hobbes: http://t.co/NszgqaZy

    • Molly,

      That genuinely says so much – and means so much to me. I’m so glad you feel that it’s a safe space – I believe that is a testament to the entire Community. And I love and appreciate that you call it a “leap of faith” – because it truly was!! :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Molly!

  3. Henry Motyka says:

    What path did I choose as a leader? I chose the path of openness, of being there for my people, of taking the pressure from them and transferring it to me, of sharing with them, and challenging them. I also emphasized their growth.

    My reward has been people who have come back to talk to me and thank me for guiding themin their early years.

    A great story relates to this: Football great John Mackey, who recently passed on wrote this in his book (not quoted directly): Working with John Unitas (quarterback great from years ago) was great. Instead of calling a complicated play, John would say to me, “Go down 10 yards and turn around. If you are not open, go down to the next passing lane and turn around. I’ll find you.”

    So too must we, as leaders, find our people, connect with them, and lead then to success, happiness, and growth.

  4. I absolutely love it when I have the opportunity to participate in this chat. Thanks Lisa for facilitating a great online community for all of us to go deep inside ourselves at times and to experience leadership from numerous perspectives.
    Jonathan Saar´s last blog post ..Leadership on Steroids- Happy Anniversary #Leadershipchat!

    • Jonathan,

      Honored to have you as a part of the community and we love it when you’re able to join us as well! I’m truly happy to know that you feel you can go deep inside yourself and honestly reflect during the chat – that’s what I want for all leaders. Thank you for all your support, Jonathan! It genuinely means so much to me.

  5. Congratulations Lisa and Steve. I am a relative newbie to LeadershipChat, but have found it to be extremely enlightening and thought provoking. I learn something new each time I stop by and that is a reflection of the great minds that show up to what you two have built. Thank you and best of luck in year two!

    • Bill,

      You are only a newbie once – now you’re part of the Community! We love having you with us and I really appreciate your thoughtful words. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

  6. What has LeadershipChat meant to me? Working with the best partner and co-moderator ever! What a joy it has been to collaborate with you, Lisa, on this enriching journey!
    Steve Woodruff´s last blog post ..LeadershipChat Plus One

  7. Lisa & Steve,,
    How quickly a year passes. Not suprising when #LeadershipChat is one of the quickest moving, dynamic and lively conversations all week.

    I’ve cultivated some pretty amazing relationships both online and off as a result of this tremendous community. I’ve learned, shared and even challenged myself on many different levels as a result of the thought-provoking topics and the insight and discussion shared by many of the dynamic participants.

    You’ve both created something pretty special. It’s easy to moderate a discussion. But it’s a talent to build a community of people who are as dedicated as this community.

    I look forward to year #2 and thank you both for enriching my life in so many ways. Happy Anniversary LeadershipChat.

    • Lisa,

      I couldn’t be happier to know that you feel you’ve truly learned from the chat and that it has challenged you – that’s such fulfilling feedback. Thank you for sharing that. And I feel the same way you do about the people in this Community!

      Most of all, thank you for your beautiful support – your genuine friendship – and for the incredibly thoughtful words of encouragement. I am so thankful you have you as a member of this Community, and as a friend!

  8. Hi Lisa, Congratulations! I’m new to Leadership Chat and I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far and look forward to another year and to participating. Keep inspiring the world with your thought leadership!
    Valencia Ray MD´s last blog post ..The Real Root of All Evil

    • Thank you so much, Valencia! You know, now that you’ve participated, even if you’re new, you’re a full-fledged member! Thank you for being a part of Leadership Chat’s first year, and I look forward to having you join us in year two!

  9. Stumbled upon #LeadershipChat sometime in March of this year I believe. Wow! Talk about stumbling upon a gold mine of information, knowledge, and wisdom. But it’s more than that. It’s the people. Relationship gold. I’m blessed to call several of the #LeadershipChat co-op friends. Especially you!

    • I feel the very same way about you, Greg! Couldn’t be happier that you came across us, and thrilled that we got to meet at #SOBCon and that you were able to be there. Love those words – Relationship Gold. How true! And thank you for being one of our Innaugural Year Guest Hosts – it was a blessing to have you join us. Hugs to you, Greg. :)


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