What Leadership of the Future Will Look Like

The future of leadershipYou may call me an optimist, but when I give serious thought to what leadership will look like in the future I see a world full of people leading from within, for the higher good of themselves, each other, and the world at large.

I say this having just participated in an hours-long interview with an international news station where we discussed and envisioned countries in the future being led by trust, honor and respect. But the trust, honor and respect we talked of referred to essences within each citizen rather than solely representing the leadership principles of official leaders.

The Power of Higher Consciousness

We talked of a world where people empower themselves to be more of who they are meant to be and less of who they are not. A world where each individual takes personal responsibility for their own empowerment and prosperity, and where prosperity is encouraged for all and never begrudged when obtained with values, ethics and  higher ideals. Because after all, prosperity is a state of thriving and abundance that allows each of us to truly be all that we were born to be.

But most importantly we talked about a world where people trust, honor and respect each other and expect this of each other.  Where formal leaders demonstrate trust, honor and respect in every decision they make, and where every citizen returns trust, honor and respect to their community because these principles represent the truth within each person. You simply cannot commit a crime or corruptly harm your fellow man if you honor and respect yourself profoundly…

All of this represents a state of higher consciousness for the planet.

To get to this place requires each individual to lead from the good within them and to be aware of the abundant good in the world. It requires each individual to search their own soul and let go of the fear and “lack” that may have settled comfortably within them. And it requires the recognition that when a higher consciousness is sought, there can truly be enough prosperity and success and abundance on the planet for every man, woman and child.

And yes, this vision requires love.

So call me an optimist or even a fool, but this is the world I am working toward as a leader. What does leadership of the future look like to you?

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  1. Like you I would like to see leadership be as you see it. I too word toward that. Unfortunately at this time it just appears to be a dream. I hope!

  2. Henry Motyka says:

    What does leadership look like to me? I think man more leaders will begin to see that they must lead and n ot manage. The best leaders pick great people who don’t need traditional management. They need leadership. Management becomes more bottom up. The leader still leads from the top but he doesn’t interfere with the tasks of his people. You already see this type of management if you look around, and I think it is spreading.


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