Why Leading on Purpose Must be Your Priority

My Leadership Chat Co-Host, Steve Woodruff, and I are thrilled to be welcoming John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing as tomorrow night’s Guest Host. John’s company helps small businesses lead and succeed, and one of the topics we’ll be covering is priority management for leaders.

Now, as I have alluded to in previous posts, I am working on a start-up called To Be A Woman, a global platform for the real empowerment of women, founded to create excellence in organizations beginning within each and every one of us. My business partner is a woman unlike any I’ve ever worked with. She is entirely on purpose. Absolutely everything about and in her life is on purpose.

I bring this up because she has helped me see how being and leading on purpose must be the one and only priority for any successful leader – in business or simply in life. If what you are doing is not on purpose, with purpose, and from a place of purpose, then why are you doing it?

Purpose Leads to Clarity

Here’s the thing about asking yourself if you are “on purpose,” it leads to clarity. Sometimes you don’t get the answer you want. Ask yourself if you are a business leader on purpose, or a salesperson on purpose, or an online marketer, volunteer, teacher, consultant, blogger, engineer, doctor, soldier, etc…on purpose. If you don’t immediately answer, “Yes” emphatically, then you are probably not on purpose.

Your priority now becomes determining what you do want to be…on purpose.

When you acknowledge what it is (because the answer is already inside you), choose to live it and be it on purpose. Lead on purpose from this place. Once you do, you will have achieved your greatest priority – as a leader and as an individual.

Do you agree? Please share in the comments and join me, Steve Woodruff, John Jantsch and the entire Leadership Chat Community as we discuss this and so much more Tuesday evening, April 10th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on Twitter. Details on how you can join us.


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  1. Yes, I can say I live my life and write about what I do on purpose. Great thought for the day as I head out early! Sorry for the brief comment! Gotta run! But I love this! Thanks!
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