Leading with Character by Leading from Within

leading from within Lisa PetrilliI wrote last week about what I feel to be an undeniable truth, that what determines who you are as a leader is who you are as a person.

I shared my strongly-held belief, “It’s not possible to be a visionary leader if you do not have the ability to connect to the vision that lies within you, cultivate it, and share it with others. You cannot be a magnanimous leader if your heart does not hold generosity. And you will not be seen as a leader of great character if your soul has lost touch with truth, integrity, humility, loyalty and faith, and has instead taken hold of arrogance, resentment, denial, blame, vanity, jealousy or feelings of victimization.

Thus, your ability to be a great leader not only lies within you, it must come directly from within you, finding its source in the fabric of your being.”

And I told you about the exciting launch of a new book, “The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution…One Person at a Time,” for which I am a Co-Author along with 20 of my Lead Change Group colleagues.

Why am I reminding you of all of this? Because this week I am honored to share with you a podcast interview I did with one of my co-authors, Dan Rockwell (“Leadership Freak”), about my chapter in the book, “Leading with Character by Leading from Within.”

In this interview I reveal:

  • How the mission of the book parallels my personal mission and my life’s work
  • What it really means to lead from within yourself
  • Why it’s vital to connect with who you are in your leadership role, and how it will help you lead from a higher place
  • What does authenticity in leadership actually look like
  • How this translates when we’re under pressure in our leadership roles
  • The 3 successful leaders I wrote about in the book who had a deep connection to their True Selves which empowered them
  • My “bottom line” for this chapter of the book, and for everything I am working on, in my effort to empower leaders to reach a new level of success

I hope you’ll love the interview as much as I enjoyed talking with Dan! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Listen to the Podcast Interview Now! -> (Click on “Open”) Play in new window | Download

You may buy the book at www.CharacterBasedLeader.com!

Photo of “from within” by ijnek29.

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  1. Reading about authenticity really struck a nerve with me. I have worked for so many leaders who have not been authentic. When I became a change leader, I made sure I was very authentic. Leadership is tough but can be done. Lead, don’t shirk by giving orders and then walking away. Live it. You want to really make changes happen, don’t you? Then make sure you act like the change you want to happen.

    • Henry, I am always honored to know when my message has resonated with a reader. Thank you so much for sharing your own philosophy. Kudos to you for making authenticity a priority!


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