About Lisa Petrilli

Lisa Petrilli


  • Chief Marketing & Operating Officer for the To Be a Woman Global Empowerment Platform (www.ToBeAWoman.co)
  • Named to Forbes Top 20 CMOs for Social Influence
  • Featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Financial Times, Time, US News and World Report,  The Globe and Mail, Working Mother Magazine,  City A.M., Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Experienced manufacturing and services leader and corporate executive, having led a $750 million I.V. infusion business at Baxter Healthcare
  • Former Chief Relationship Officer for CEO Connection
  • Leadership Coach, Trainer and Consultant
  • Profitability Business Simulations Executive Coach for their Magnetic Leadership Program
  • Author of the highly successful eBook “The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership


Email: Lisa@ToBeAWoman.co (.CO is correct)

Lisa Petrilli is passionate about visionary leadership and true empowerment.
As an executive at Baxter Healthcare, Lisa moved up the corporate ladder to ultimately run a $750 million medication delivery business and a team of marketers while negotiating global licensing, commercialization and co-marketing contracts with pharmaceutical companies.

When faced with a PR challenge by Greenpeace, she led a team that created a solution so unique and environmentally friendly that she presented it on behalf of Baxter to a United Nations Environmental Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

She spent a year as an Executive Leadership Trainer at the Baxter Institute training corporate-wide executives on leadership principles and strategies, as well as how to create and communicate a vision for their organization.  She is passionate about bold ideas that are steeped in challenges.

She began collaborating with C-level executives early in her career when she was consulting directly for C-suite officers at some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals on behalf of Baxter Healthcare.

Since that time, Lisa has gained considerable experience working with C-level executives on business growth strategies, creating business visions, leading teams, running million-dollar businesses, providing executive leadership training and implementing Herculean initiatives.

She helps C-suite executives and emerging leaders create strong visions for their companies and for themselves, and then bring these visions to fruition with clear strategies focused on leadership, marketing, business development and social media that align directly with the vision.

She has served on the Board of Advisors for award-winning Incognito Design, the Indiana University Student Foundation, and the Lake County, IL American Cancer Society.

Lisa has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Marketing, International Business & Organizational Behavior and a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University’s Honor’s College and Kelley School of Business with a minor in Political Science.

She blogs about leadership at her own Visionary Leadership Blog, for the Lead Change Group, and her blog posts are syndicated at Lead Digital, Business to Consumer, and Alltop.

She is also passionate about, and focused on helping introverts succeed in business, and is the author of the eBook, “The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership” now an Amazon Best-Seller and “Hot New Release” on its launch day!

The eBook is featured in the “Books” section of The Huffington Post and inspired her Harvard Business Review blog post, “An Introvert’s Guide to Networking.”

Online, Lisa is:


Email: Lisa@ToBeAWoman.co (.CO is correct)

Lisa is @LisaPetrilli on Twitter and is an active member of LinkedIn.

Colleagues have said…

Working with Lisa on a variety of large-scale projects, afforded me the opportunity of experiencing her broad skill-set, and desire to facilitate forward thinking change. Lisa understands that in today’s economic environment, business cannot afford to function in the same fashion and rest upon its laurels. She is an effective listener, a powerful advocate, and a willing learner, absorbing information and applying it in order to move the organization forward in a positive fashion. I rely upon Lisa as a sounding board, knowing she will be insightful and forthright.
It came as no surprise why people were raving about Lisa when I met her, and became aware of all she was doing for MENG. In just a few short months, she systematized much of our communication, updated the Web site, and facilitated rich collaboration among teams who helped fuel our social media and thought leadership. THANK YOU, LISA! You not only do it all, but you do so with a smile and a style that makes it a joy to work with you. Lucky MENG!
Andrew Whitman
Managing Partner at 2X Consumer Products Growth Partners
You know that person that always over delivers and beats even your highest expectations? Well, that’s Lisa. Every project, meeting or collaboration I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa on exudes the kind of professionalism that is hard to find in this world. This is for sure…if Lisa ever needed anything, I’d make the time. Thank you Lisa.
Joe Pulizzi
Founder/Chief Content Officer, Junta42
I have been lucky enough to work with Lisa in my role as part of MENG’s Social Media Council of Advisors. In that time, I have come to know Lisa and appreciate her ability to bring out the best in others. Lisa has a knack for understanding how to connect people that can be of the most value to each other. She is a natural connector and facilitator, and those qualities make her the perfect choice to drive growth at a networking group such as MENG. Lisa has a flawless professional reputation, and writes one of the more popular blogs in the marketing/branding space, C-Level Strategies and Awakenings. If your organization is considering having Lisa work with you to move your own business forward, I would not hesitate to contact Ms Petrilli. You can thank me later!
Mack Collier
Nationally-lauded Social Media Strategist & Consultant
Lisa is the consummate professional and yet she does it with such a personal, kind touch that you can’t help but be impressed with both her head and her heart. Her leadership acumen allows her to help companies, C-level professionals and those who aspire to the C-suite. You can count on her thorough follow through, sharp insights and years of experience. Lisa brings value and vision to any project. Whether you’re hiring her, partnering with her or learning from her — lucky you.
Drew McLellan
Top Dog (Founder/CEO) at McLellan Marketing Group
Lisa has provided remarkable content to MENG. She has consistently over delivered by applying intelligence, perseverance and human skills to work through others when needed. She has been creative and thoughtful in all she has done. Her presence has made a real difference to MENG
Richard Guha
President at Max Brand Equity / Chairman of MENG