The Introvert’s Guide

“Being an introvert is truly an advantage in business and leadership if you know how to leverage it, and if you remain true to yourself…” ~The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership eBook

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“I was at the airport, waiting for my flight to Amsterdam, when I read an article in Harvard Business Review by Lisa Petrilli titled “An Introvert’s Guide to Networking”. It immediately struck a chord with me because I had been anxious for days in advance how I would be able to blend in at this conference where I didn’t know most of the people yet. It took me a few minutes to read the article and then a few more seconds to buy and download her ebook “The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership” to my Kindle. I read it on the flight and with every page I learned more on how to make my trip to Amsterdam a worthwhile business expense.

Her explanation of why introverts feel uncomfortable in crowds made immediate sense to me. Lisa has got a great tip on how this can be mitigated. With this tactic in mind, I was able to take many opportunities during the meetup to get in touch with other participants and always had great conversations.

She also urges her fellow introverts to overcome the fear of introducing themselves to others, especially to people to which they feel somehow inferior. This encouraged me tremendously to approach even the executives of million-dollar companies that were at the meetup. It was one of those CEOs that was the first to connect to me via LinkedIn shortly after we talked.

After a great conference experience without feeling uncomfortable once, I now happily look forward to the next one in two weeks! The trip already paid for itself – and so did Lisa Petrilli’s ebook.” ~Jochen Lillich


The Introvert's Guide to Success in Business and Leadership

The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership

About “The Introverts Guide to Success in Business and Leadership” eBook:  After discovering how to use her introversion to her advantage, the author went from new college graduate to holding responsibility for a $750 million business in just 10 short years.

This eBook tells you how she did it and reveals very specific, actionable steps introverts can take to be abundantly successful in business, leadership and life.

Importantly, the steps recommended are designed to be fully comfortable for introverts who get their energy from their “inner world” of ideas and images, and who may be uncomfortable with aspects of the “outer world” of business and leadership.

You see, introverts have unique strengths and can literally change the world through the power of their ideas. Yet so many introverts fail to recognize and leverage the real power that comes with their introversion, which holds them back from experiencing all the achievement, advancement, and abundance that life has to offer. In this eBook, introverts are encouraged to be more of who they are meant to be…never less!

This eBook is for introverts who want to use their introversion to their advantage in business and leadership, and for extroverts who lead introverts and wish to be more effective leaders.


Give yourself permission to be more successful than you ever thought possible!

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Chapters Include:
  • The difference between Introverts and Extroverts in the business world
  • Successful networking strategies and their critical importance
  • Standing out in a crowd – comfortably
  • Processing ideas and making leadership decisions
  • Core principles of succeeding in business and leadership
  • How to effectively reach out to others
  • Interviewing secrets for introverts
  • How to get promoted
  • How to successfully motivate your teams to action
  • Communicating effectively
  • An introvert’s approach to leveraging social media for business success
  • Giving stellar presentations
  • Advice for introverts in the Chief Executive suite
  • Bonus: The extravert’s guide to leading introverts
  • Bonus: The hang-on-your-office-wall list of reminders

Being an introvert is truly an advantage in business and leadership if you know how to leverage it! Get started now!

“I’ve gotta tell you, folks – this little e-book is gold!” ~ Steve Woodruff, The Connection Agent


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Press Release Announcing the Launch of The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership!

As a small business owner and manager of a staff of over 20 unique and diverse personalities and working styles, I highly recommend reading “The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership.” Not only does it help you to realize the huge positives about being in introvert in business if you are one, but it helps all managers understand how to better manage introverts on your staff. This is a must read for introverts wanting to maximize their potential in business and the managers who lead them.”
Christina Barker
What I absolutely love about The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership is that Lisa understands what it’s like to be an introvert in the business world. She doesn’t talk about how we introverts need to ‘overcome our weaknesses’, but rather she makes us realize that we have natural advantages that we can leverage to help us in our careers!For example, as an introvert I absolutely HATE networking. If I am at an event, after a day or so, I become drained, I *need* to be alone and to get away from the crowd. I used to think this was simply me being anti-social, but Lisa explains that as introverts we NEED this time to ourselves to recharge. I don’t want to give away the rest of the section, but she tells us introverts how to network in a way that makes perfect sense, and she gives us examples of how she’s used these methods to benefit her in her own career.From networking to interviewing to leading others, and so much more, every area Lisa covers is written from the introvert’s point of view. This is OUR book, for introverts, written by a highly successful introvert! At 60+ pages, this ebook would be an absolute steal at twice the price. If you are an introvert that’s serious about succeeding in your career on YOUR terms, invest $7.99 in this book. You can thank me later ;)”
Mack Collier