Leadership Chat!

Leadership Chat is a place where leaders from around the world gather via Twitter every Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern Time to share their insights, experiences and advice on all things leadership.

The Leadership Chat Community is rich and vibrant and full of smart, experienced leaders who are willing to share what they know to advance the practice of leadership worldwide.  And yet, it’s a casual experience envisioned to be akin to pulling up a chair at a large dining table in the hills of Tuscany at sunset, a glass of wine or beverage of choice in hand, and the warm company of friends.

I am honored to co-host Leadership Chat every Tuesday evening with my dear friend and true life leader, Steve Woodruff.

How Can You Participate?

If you have a Twitter profile the easiest way is as follows:

  • Download a tool such as TweetDeck or ChatTagged that allows you to have several columns open at once
  • Next to your “Mentions” column (where all tweets sent to you will appear) create a column for #LeadershipChat – it’s imperative that you use the “#” and that there is no space between the words “Leadership” and “Chat”
  • As tweets come through the #LeadershipChat column respond to them in that column.  Make sure in your settings you enable the auto-hashtag feature, which will automatically put the #LeadershipChat hashtag in your tweets.  This allows your tweets to be seen by everyone in the chat
  • Consider having a column for @LisaPetrilli and @SWoodruff – as the co-hosts we often tweet questions and this way you’ll be sure to see them!

I look forward to seeing you and chatting with you about leadership on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm Eastern Time around our virtual Tuscan dining table!  Together we can truly change the world…

Photo isTuscany Sunset by David_Levett.